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Due to the hard work of many, our crowdfunding campaign was a phenomenal success.
We built many great relationships with members of the press, social media influencers
and prominent industry representatives. Building on our initial launch in 2020, we intend
to stay laser-focused on achieving „good PR” within the industry as we move forward.
We firmly believe that the strong foundation of our brand is based on solid, smart ideas.
We are very proud to be here today… in a position in which both our shareholders and
fans can share in our success. Below you can find an impressive array of commentary and
feedback regarding our brand and products. Just further proof that we have become a
major force for positive change in the world of vegan chocolate in Europe.

„A sweet million for
Chocolate Story Manufaktur.
The investors believed in
vegan chocolate”

„Las Vegans has raised around
PLN 1 million for the launch of
vegan chocolate”

“Las Vegan’s
makes crowdfunding sweet”

“Las Vegan`S – Can You
Make Money With Vegan

“Polish Vegan Chocolate Has
a Chance to Conquer the World.
That’s Las Vegan’s!”

“Polish kings of chocolate in a new, vegan version. We are the trout of the business”

Will Vegan Chocolate

“1 Million PLN for chocolate”

„The Chocolate Factory Makes
Vegan Milk Chocolate. There Will
Be a Crowdfunding for
1 Million! PLN”

„Chocolate Market: Stable
Growth And Rising Consumer Awareness Until 2021″

“Las Vegan’s Has Started
Crowdinvesting on Crowdway”

„100% Target For Las Vegan’s
SA Campaign!?

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