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Many products, 

the same quality.

While our specialty is the unique flavor of vegan chocolate, we also offer you a bouquet of additions and a wide range of products.

Choose your favorite chocolate!

Many products, the same quality.

milk chocolate

While our specialty is the unique flavor of vegan chocolate, we also offer you a bouquet of additions and a wide range of products.

Choose your favorite chocolate!


Coconut Milk-Like Chocolate 39% Cocoa

Do you crave a sweet moment but without milk? We know the struggle. Plant-based chocolates often tend to be bitter or lose that authentic, creamy chocolate taste. But not with us. At Las Vegan’s, we understand your frustration and desire for the real chocolate flavor.

Our coconut chocolate is a true revelation in the world of vegan sweets. The refined combination of cocoa with the exotic touch of coconut creates a harmonious composition that melts in your mouth. We created it with you in mind, drawing on years of experience.

See for yourself! Discover a taste that rivals traditional milk chocolate, without a drop of milk. By choosing Las Vegan’s, you choose satisfaction, an eco-friendly approach, and the assurance of no traces of milk.

Don’t wait! Experience a chocolatey moment of delight with a hint of coconut and treat yourself without compromise. And if you’re eager to explore more of our vegan treats, follow us on social media!

Raspberry Milk-Like Chocolate

We understand your dilemma. Milk-free chocolates often fall short of your expectations, turning out to be bitter or simply unsatisfying substitutes. You may feel limited in flavor pleasure due to your dietary choices. But we have a solution for you!

Introducing our unique vegan chocolate with real raspberries. Each bar contains roughly 5 raspberries, meticulously blended to harmonize with the deep chocolate flavor. The entire process of crafting this chocolate, from bean to bar, has been perfected through over 13 years of our work.

We encourage you to savor this explosion of flavors and share it with others. Like us on social media to stay connected.

Don’t settle for more disappointments. Choose Las Vegan’s and experience true vegan chocolate with raspberries, full of taste and satisfaction. If you seek pleasure without compromise, this is the chocolate for you!

We’ve achieved a harmonious blend of slightly tangy raspberries with what matters most in chocolate.

Forest Fruit Milk-Like Chocolate

Every chocolate lover knows how important the true, deep flavor of this sweet delight is. But what if you desire chocolate without milk? Las Vegan’s has the answer to your needs. We present our exceptional organic vegan chocolate that combines the richness of real chocolate flavor with the goodness of nature.

Our chocolate contains real forest fruits: raspberry, blueberry, and blackcurrant. These fruits not only add a unique aroma but are also meticulously blended with cocoa beans, creating a harmonious composition of flavors. As a result, every bite is a true delight for the palate.

The secret lies in plant-based alternatives derived from oats and coconut. These natural ingredients provide a creamy texture and deep flavor that will surely satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Our chocolate is not just a taste but an experience worth sharing with loved ones. Choose the quality, tradition, and passion that are hidden in every bar of our chocolate.

Hazelnut Milk-Like Chocolate

When the craving for subtle sweetness meets the desire for a healthier alternative, Las Vegan’s presents the perfect solution. Here is our chocolate with velvety hazelnut cream—a symphony of flavors that will envelop your senses.

Each piece of this chocolate holds the magic of combining smooth cocoa with delicate hazelnut cream. Imagine the moment when the chocolate melts in your mouth, releasing the richness of hazelnut flavor, all without the addition of milk but with the full chocolate experience.

For 13 years, we have perfected our recipe, aiming for perfection. We wanted to create a product that is not only fully vegan but, above all, satisfies the most discerning palates. The result is chocolate that pays homage to true lovers of this sweet treat.

Let every bite be a small escape from everyday life for you. Las Vegan’s invites you to a world where chocolate merges with nature, providing a sense of true flavor harmony. Taste it and treat yourself to a moment of genuine chocolate delight without compromise.

70% Cocoa Chocolate Sprinkled with Cocoa Nibs

In this exceptional bar, you will find:

Simple Ingredients: Our chocolate consists of only two ingredients—roasted cocoa beans and cane sugar. Less means more, and the simplicity of the composition guarantees an authentic taste.

Crunchy Additions: Furthermore, it is sprinkled with crunchy pieces of freshly roasted cocoa beans. These cocoa nibs add a unique character and depth of flavor.

Experience and Quality: With 13 years of experience in producing vegan chocolate, Las Vegan’s guarantees that this bar will delight you with its refined and enjoyable taste, without any animal-derived ingredients.

We encourage you to discover the true essence of chocolate from Las Vegan’s. Choose quality, passion, and authenticity in every bite.

Date Milk-Like Chocolate

Our date milk-like chocolate is a product of the highest quality:

True Milk Chocolate Flavor: Our organic chocolate offers the taste of traditional milk chocolate without using milk.

Naturally Sweetened: Instead of white sugar, we use natural dates to provide sweetness without compromise.

A Healthy Choice: Without the addition of milk and white sugar, our chocolate is an ideal choice for those who care about their health and the environment.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We believe in the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied, we promise a solution that will satisfy you.

Commitment to Ecology: Our production approach is eco-friendly, and we care for the planet at every stage of production.

No Traces of Milk: For those who have allergies or avoid milk for other reasons, our chocolate is free of even trace amounts of milk.

We encourage you to try our chocolate and experience a flavor that will exceed your expectations!

Sugar-Free Milk-Like Chocolate

Organic Sugar-Free Oat-Coconut Milk-Like Chocolate Sweetened with Erythritol.

Our sweet proposal for oat and coconut enthusiasts. This organic sugar-free oat-coconut milk-like chocolate bar sweetened with erythritol is chocolate created with the highest quality ingredients, without any animal-derived substances. Enjoy every bite fully consciously!

Oat-Coconut Milk-Like Chocolate 46% Cocoa

Often, milk-free chocolates tend to be bitter or taste like cheap chocolate imitations. We understand this frustration and the desire for the real taste of chocolate. That’s why we’ve created vegan chocolate that tastes exactly like good milk chocolate.

Our bar is a true delight for the palate. Milk substitutes come from coconut and oats, giving it a smooth texture. The distinctive oat nutty notes enhance the flavor, making it even more exceptional.

100% Cocoa Chocolate

Las Vegan’s 100% Cocoa Chocolate

For lovers of chocolate in its purest form, we offer exceptional organic 100% cocoa vegan chocolate. The intensity of the flavor of roasted cocoa beans from organic farming in Uganda will delight every palate. It’s a true delight for connoisseurs! Contains no sugar. Created using the bean-to-bar method.

Ingredients: Roasted cocoa beans from Uganda*.

*Organic farming ingredients. Minimum cocoa mass 100%.

Discover our other products as well: fruits, nuts, almonds, and cocoa beans covered in chocolate, all vegan, of course!

You don’t have to search and compromise anymore.
You’ll get a product that meets your expectations – vegan chocolate
that we guarantee from bean to bar.

vegan mylk chocolate
covered White Mullberries

White mulberry is another superfood in our offering. This unique fruit is rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and protein, and it’s also an excellent source of fiber. When enveloped in vegan chocolate, white mulberry takes on an intense flavor from the cocoa beans.

vegan mylk chocolate covered Cranberries

The health benefits of cranberries stem from their high content of vitamins and minerals. Combining this unique fruit with vegan chocolate creates a healthy snack. The tart flavor of the fruit complements the sweet taste of vegan chocolate.

vegan mylk chocolate covered HAZELNUTs

For many, hazelnuts and chocolate are the perfect combination. Here, the synergy is even better because the chocolate is just as plant-based as the nuts. We’ve replaced classic milk with ingredients derived from oats and coconut. Hazelnuts in vegan chocolate bring back childhood flavors, and they are also organic, vegan, and packaged in paper packaging.

vegan mylk chocolate covered Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans in vegan chocolate best embody the DNA of the Las Vegan’s brand. Crispy, freshly roasted cocoa beans surrounded by delicious vegan chocolate make for a healthy snack that’s hard to resist. All of this in organic, plant-based, and plastic-free quality. Could it get any better?

Chocolate Veggie Bar + Roasted Cocoa Beans

If you love chocolate, then Las Vegan’s VegeBaton with roasted cocoa beans is the perfect choice for you! It’s not just a delicious snack but also a true pleasure for your taste buds and a source of relaxation.

The cocoa bean from which our chocolate is made contains natural substances that can affect your well-being. Endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, are found in cocoa and have the ability to induce feelings of relaxation and mood improvement. That’s why consuming chocolate can give you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Las Vegan’s VegeBaton with roasted cocoa beans is not only a delightful snack but also a way to relax and unwind. You can savor the intense flavor of our chocolate, knowing that you’re simultaneously providing your body with nutritional value and benefiting from the positive effects of cocoa.

Additionally, our bar contains organic ingredients, making it a good choice for a healthy lifestyle. You can enjoy the taste of chocolate without guilt and experience the benefits of the natural properties of cocoa beans.

Don’t wait any longer, order Las Vegan’s VegeBaton with roasted cocoa beans and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation. It’s a snack that provides not only delicious flavor but also relaxation and positive emotions. Choose our bar and savor the endorphin-filled experience that accompanies every bite.

Chocolate Veggie Bar + Goji Berries

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect dairy-free chocolate? Las Vegan’s presents something extraordinary. Our Veggie Bar with goji berries is not just chocolate. It’s a symphony of flavors that will surprise you. Smooth chocolate meets crunchy pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Add quinoa to the mix. And at the heart of the bar, you’ll find goji berries. These berries add a sweet and tangy touch. It all comes together to create a unique composition.

Why should you try it? Because every bite is different. Every bite is a new experience. Veggie Bar is a product created with passion. Las Vegan’s cares about every detail. We want to provide you with unforgettable taste sensations.

Don’t wait. Discover the true magic of vegan chocolate. Order the Veggie Bar with goji berries. Try it for yourself and see why everyone loves it.

Chocolate Veggie Bar + Raspberries

Jeśli masz ochotę na pyszne, czekoladowe smakołyki, mamy coś dla Ciebie – nasz VegeBaton Las Vegan’s z prażonym ziarnem kakao! To przekąska idealna dla tych, którzy kochają smak mlecznej czekolady, ale chcą unikać produktów pochodzenia zwierzęcego.

Ta czekolada rozpływa się w ustach, a chrupiące dodatki z quinoa ekspandowanej, słonecznika i pestek dyni, oraz kawałki prażonego ziarna kakao sprawiają, że to doznanie smakowe jest po prostu nie do opisania. Można powiedzieć, że to prawdziwy raj dla Twoich kubków smakowych!

Co więcej, nasz VegeBaton jest pakowany w papier, który się kompostuje, a w opakowaniu nie ma żadnego plastiku – to naprawdę ekologiczna przekąska!

Nie musisz już żałować, że nie jesz mlecznej czekolady, bo nasz VegeBaton smakuje dokładnie tak samo! A dodatek chrupiących składników sprawia, że ta przekąska ma w sobie coś wyjątkowego. Przekonaj się sam i spróbuj już dziś!